Hello, this is Xeni, I am a personal trainer and I also have few other degrees in the field of Arts & Marketing.

I used to be involved in sports since the age of 6, when I first started attending ballet and rhythmic gymnastic classes in Cyprus. I continued with running and Latin dance classes and at the age of 14-15 I found my passion for gym training and weight lifting which I continue to do till this day.

Utilizing the knowledge I acquired from my diploma, alongside with my experience through my childhood and young adulthood years, I have built a rigorous and effective workout and diet curriculum that has  transformed my and my client’s bodies into their renowned physique.

Since I have been facing injuries like knee chontropathy and disc herniation, I have also developed my knowledge when it comes to recovery and restoration.

My biggest passion is to inspire more people to train and develop deep self love and confidence on themselves with exercising, nutrition and a general healthy lifestyle  

I currently study in the States, California